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Popular airlines include Turkish Airlines , Tunisair ,  Alitalia , Air France , EgyptAir , Royal Air Maroc , Qatar Airways , Saudi Arabian Airlines 

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Flights to Casablanca land at the airports Anfa, Mohammed V

About Casablanca

n the flea markets, grand pianos and chandeliers – abandoned relics of French occupation – lie gathering dust, the only hint of the black-and-white Casablanca of the movies.Step into the medina, however, and you will be enveloped in Arab mysticism. It is dominated by the Hassan II Mosque, which has a minaret so gigantic that the arched building seems to struggle to support it. Twinkly-eyed men offer magic potions, local women sell fabrics, and there is an endless flow of sugary mint tea.A futuristic-looking tram, in shiny orange, pulls up to a silent stop along the Boulevard Mohammed V. Here, coffee houses along this once-grand street have a decidedly French atmosphere, serving buttery croissants and café au lait. Walk along the Corniche, with its high-rise hotels and fast-food restaurants, and it is hard to believe you are in Morocco.



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  • Population


  • Currency

    Moroccan Dirham

  • Local time

    GMT +1

  • Language

    Arabic - French

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