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Flights to Dusseldorf land at the airports Dusseldorf, Niederrhein , Monchengladbach

About Dusseldorf

That is the sound of Düsseldorf, the swirling, rushing city on the River Rhine, rich with the possibility of adventure. From the winding streets of downtown to the Königsallee Canal, Düsseldorf holds your attention. Life is gentle and calm in the historic Old Town, where families and lovers alike explore the paved lanes.As day drifts into night, the current whisks you away to Media Harbour, where bars, cafés and gourmet restaurants litter the boardwalk. Bathe in the cool evening air, plunge into the nightlife and follow the music as it floats freely on the harbour breeze. At the end of the day, this is a fluid city best admired from a vessel plying its trade on the Rhine, running along Düsseldorf’s shores.



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    594 k

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    GMT +1

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