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South Africa

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Popular airlines include Emirates , Etihad Airways , EgyptAir  , Turkish Airline , Ethiopian Airlines , Kenya Airways

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Flights to johannesburg land at the airports Grand Central, Johannesburg, Randgermiston

About Johannesburg

Johannesburg!’ South Africa’s largest city and economic powerhouse has changed a lot since the soul-poet Gil Scot Heron sang this anti-apartheid anthem in 1976. Now even the infamous township of Soweto is considered a desirable place to live. Gourmets take note: Johannesburg is birthing a food culture that rivals neighbouring Cape Town.Pop into the glorious Neighbourgoods Market for a slow brunch over a craft beer before picking up some fair-trade goodies. Contemporary African art thrives in nighttime Johannesburg, as does jazz and café culture in enclaves – tucked between and beyond the high-rise glass palaces and luxury residential buildings of downtown. And Johannesburg’s cocktail bars are as much testaments to renaissance of this city as its museums enjoy a Cape Flat Colada over a kwalto beat.



Johannesburg demographics

  • Population


  • Currency

    South African Rand

  • Local time

    GMT +2

  • Language

    Afrikaans - English

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