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About Manchester

There’s more to Manchester than the beautiful game, however. The city centre has its fair share of grand buildings to admire, from the brooding, gothic cathedral to the elegant city hall, reminiscent of London’s Big Ben. But the most interesting part of the city is the Northern Quarter, where old warehouses have been revived with pop-up cafés, secret spas and gourmet restaurants. Of course, you can still find artery-clogging pies and stout ale amongst the exotic or vegan fare, there’s no denying the northern soul of this large but friendly city.The air crackles with anticipation and energy. Then light floods the pitch and the stadium erupts in deafening cheers. Whether you come to see a football match, or just for a tour, the atmosphere at one of the world’s most famous football clubs is hard to beat.



Manchester demographics

  • Population

    503 K

  • Currency

    British Pound

  • Local time

    GMT +1

  • Language


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