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United Airlines ,  Emirates , Air India , Oman Air , Etihad Airways , Japan Airlines , Gulf Air , Kuwait Airways

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Flights to new delhi land at the airports  Indira Gandhi 

About New Delhi

In the comfort of air-conditioned cinemas, teens clap and whoop as gorgeous Bollywood stars embrace. For something more serene, explore the lush Garden of the Five Senses, with its wind chimes and waterfalls, or order a sun downer at one of the city’s palatial hotels. Alternatively, throw yourself into the weekly night market at Select City Walk Mall, where live music provides the soundtrack for plenty of good-humoured haggling.For bustle, grit and colonial grandeur, it is hard to beat New Delhi. The wide streets teem with auto-rickshaws, hawkers and beggars, and the heat can be overwhelming. However, that doesn’t stop families from taking leisurely picnics in the shade of India Gate, the sombre memorial to India’s 70,000 WWI dead.



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    India Rupees

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    GMT +5.5

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