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Flights to Paris land at the airports Charles De Gaulle, Orly, Beauvais Tille

About Paris

Paris has a way of finding its way into your heart. Arriving in Paris with a modest French vocabulary, you easily get a feeling of being thrown headlong into the deep end – the Parisians aren’t exactly known for their accommodating attitude. However, you will settle in. London may boast a cosy atmosphere whilst Berlin has its hipster cool, but Paris is the prettiest of them all – with wide boulevards, gorgeous bridges and almost psychedelic orange sunsets.Paris is a generous city feeding its citizens with a constant flow of culture and happenings. Paris will never be a routine. The French consciously cultivate the hint of human madness and megalomania that is inside all of us, and as a result, they are always up to something crazy.



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    GMT +2

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    French - English

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