Travellerz is proud of the highly motivated, innovative, professional & service oriented personnel who are ready and  willing to assist the customers.

The team has passed through a tough selection criteria and a series of trainings to best dedicate the available resources to make the travel experience as smooth and easy as possible. They are guided by manuals, transparent processes & Key Performance Indicators –KPI’s- to ensure common grounds of corporate & self evaluation and upgrades of service levels. Travellerz healthy working environment ensures a service delivery standards that satisfy the customers.

Travellerz is also proud that the package includes a career ladder that offers opportunities to upgrade your skills and allows the transfer to Travellerz overseas offices. In addition to a pay structure that includes incentives and profit sharing linked to the professional performance which guarantees a stable income. A service period reward and many other benefits are examples of Travellerz pluses to hire highly motivated, qualified and ambitious personnel.

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